VDL Seating Systems


VDL Seating Systems is a partnership consisting of several VDL operating companies. We specialize in developing, manufacturing and installing seats in stadiums, sports halls, auditoriums and theaters around the world.

Right from the start, we think along with you about the design, technology and assembly of the chairs. VDL Groep has many years of experience, advanced machinery and professionals, which ultimately results in a high quality standard. This enables us to use a very wide range of production techniques. Due to the financially strong position of VDL Groep, investments in research and development can be continued.

We have over 30 years of specialist experience in metalworking and plastics processing. Our goal is to support you as a customer in the entire process from the first design to the delivery and assembly of the chair. We have a wide range of bucket, folding, VIP chairs and media area.