VDL Bucket Seat 

The bucket seat from VDL Seating Systems is a robust and compact seat, which
at the same time offers great comfort. Due to the different mounting methods, there is
a suitable solution for every situation. The bucket seat is a basic model in the
range of VDL Seating Systems.

The bucket seat developed by VDL Seating Systems is particularly strong due to its wide ribs in the back. The cutout at the back provides more space in the
the aisle and a strong backrest. The chair is ergonomically designed which results in seating comfort, even with a longer seat.

The bucket seat from VDL Seating Systems is easy to assemble. The chair is equipped
with two mounting holes that are covered with a cap after mounting. In the middle a drainage for water, so that no water remains on the seat when it rains.
It is possible to process a fire retardant into the plastics during production, so the chair will contribute to the safety regulations. By default, the
chair supplied with a UV stabilizer to counteract the influence of the sun.
The chairs have been tested through various strength analyses, including the standards NEN-EN-13200-4 and EN12727. As a result, the design of the chair is TÜV certified.

The bucket seat is standard equipped with:
• UV stabilizer
• Strength according to NEN-EN-13200-4 and EN12727
• Number in the seat
• Water drainage
• Plastic raw materials with ROHS certificate
• TÜV certification

• Flame retardant
• Concrete, wall or floor mounting
• Plastic and metal in all RAL colours
• Post-treatment of metal (galvanizing/coating/painting)