The policy of VDL Seating Systems is aimed at a continuous improvement of its competitive position. Offering a complete package, from design to installation, is essential, as is a high level of quality of products and services.

In order to achieve this mission, VDL Seating Systems continues to look for opportunities to broaden its market. The developments in the market are also closely monitored so that they can be responded to in good time.

From the first design to the installation of our chairs, we offer maximum comfort by:

  • Innovative design
  • Own engineering
  • Dedicated installation teams
  • Most advanced manufacturing resources to ensure competitive prices
  • Flexible technology and production methods to meet all specific customer requirements

Naturally, VDL Seating Systems uses the knowledge, expertise and production lines of various VDL companies within VDL Groep. Collaboration is important here so that the different parts of the entire process are properly coordinated. In this way the high quality is guaranteed and together with the customer it can be seen which solution best suits the customer.

Core values